viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012

ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC, progressing at 30

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Original spanish article



Its height 1.95 allows a game of superiority over most defenders.There is a change of pace player but often find the movement that allows you to escape the race, whereas has a top speed stride estimable and difficult to stop. His ability to tame balls coming overlooked is astounding.


Having gone through many different clubs, all the most demanding, and have performed at a high level and success has earned him a winning mentality and great self-confidence. No time limits itself to use a watermark that may allow tactical revenue.


It has a repertoire of technical gestures available to very few players of his height. Very good with the ball in both feet, both driving and control, has a privileged view to the pass and a knack for assembling complex shots...

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